US and Chinese Variants of Online Wholesale Stores

Are you a fashion retailer looking to embrace eCommerce or offline sales by putting your goods up for purchase online or in a wall and brick store? If you find it challenging to decide on which country (China or America) to be the source of your bulk orders. Then, take a minute to read through this article.

Here are some approaches that would be advisable to follow, while pondering which to choose:


With every business comes a series of peculiar variables that will help shape the business. So, beyond word-of-mouth and online reviews, you need to do thorough research on the company with which you plan on having business engagement.

2.Brand franchising

There are numerous brands on Instagram looking for outlets that will peddle their wares. If they are wholesalers offering your niche items, it would be helpful to source for their email address and make your intentions known.

3.Hunt for buyouts

Likely, you will once in a while run into fashion companies about to go out of business and are willing to sell their entire stock at wholesale prices. In such cases, you would need to visit the store to assess the quality of the items up for sale.

4.Buy cheap from international companies

Companies that take large orders then to manufacture apparels at ridiculously low prices. For your fashion retail startup that is tight on cash, this will be a perfect option. However, you should factor in the delivery lag time; to be able to receive your order early.

Before going any further, we shall examine some popular companies into apparel wholesaling in both the US and China. Afterward, we are going to assess the up and downsides of placing orders.

Apparel wholesalers in the US

The majority of the wholesale apparel manufacturers in the US operate mainly in either California or New York City. Some examples of these wholesaler websites are Gracia Fashion, Fashionesta, Spring Import, OrangeShine, Boulevard Apparel, Tasha Apparel, to mention a few. You can read the review of these companies online – a Fashionesta review, for example, shows a lot of positive consumers’ feedback related to their online order. There are, however, complaints about missing tags, occasional poor packaging, and high charges for returned goods.

Chinese wholesalers

China has some of the most patronized and popular apparel wholesaling companies in the world. Some of them are AliExpress, Sheln, ZAFU, TBDress, Chinabrands, etc.

Distinguishing factors between Wholesalers in the US and China

1.Unit prices

A random sampling of items from the websites of Chinese wholesalers shows that their unit prices are much lower than that of manufacturers in the US. Factors like labor cost (much cheaper in China), loss of importing yarn or cotton from Pakistan and India, and such similar production costs contribute to this revealed fact.


Judging by prototype quality, the two countries seem to provide similar products. However, Chinese wholesalers often supply faulty products with the ordered bulk.

In conclusion, if your retail business will run in the US, it would be best to do your wholesale sourcing locally. Besides being able to vouch for the product quality, adding import charges to the low unit price of items from Chinese companies will result in roughly similar costs as items sourced in the US.